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Kind of predictable


You can’t take a step within marketing right now and not bump into… Behavioural Economics.

Undoubtedly it’s hugely relevant and certainly useful, but it also highlights an enduringly disappointing fact. As an industry, we still lurch towards legitimatised jargon-y things to validate the vital study of human behaviour.

But finding out what people want, might want, could want is the most basic responsibility of any successful business!

What people actually want and seek is the crucial bit here. We love how Dan Ariely’s micro-experiments highlight the scale of error in accepting broad assumptions. But hang on... hasn’t this always been the critical contribution of ‘planning’ to brand strategy?

It’s definitely intrinsic to our own non-jargon-y (!) notion of ‘Branding Now’ which guides us to factor-in as much unmolded consumer insight as we can into every stage of brand development.

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