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Freelance Planner Wanted!

We're looking for a freelance planner/strategist to work with us on a really exciting project.

Your an experienced thinker and will be working with our Head of Strategy, CD, Designer and a Project Manager to re-launch a consumer brand.

We're looking for someone who can take consumer insight, and create brand positioning’s - and see a strategy through to the end, to design and implementation, ensuring the core of the idea is kept alive. You think about how a product has to live in store and on shelf, and you will be experienced in building and presenting your ideas to clients. 

We're a bright and friendly bunch looking for a fresh input!

Your Availability:

We'd like to get you inducted and briefed into the project from w/c 25th Feb.

A Bit About Us:

We're a specialist brand consultancy with a focused client list, offering senior-level strategic services in brand development and innovation. Our clients are a judicious mix of big-name brand owners and smaller emergents with big potential. They are based mainly in Europe and the UK, with markets in North and Eastern Europe, Asia and the US. 

We help them find, define and realise areas of potential beyond the obvious.

Ergo is designed to allow us to focus our time, intellect and energies on our clients business. Fewer internal meetings and less administration means more productive thinking.

We are based in a bright, airy studio overlooking the Grand Union Canal at Great Western Studios.

Please send your CV to hello@ergo-id.com  | www.ergo-id.com

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