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Some people say Imagination is the highest kite one can fly, I’m not so sure. Spend a day with us and you’ll see we are pretty high-flyers.  

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We're Looking for a Creative Team

We have some space, and we're looking for some Creative's to help us fill it.

We're Ergo – an independently owned Brand Identity Consultancy, experts in Brand Innovation and Strategy. Established in 1996 by Stuart Mackay (Head of Strategy), we work with international brands such as The Coca Cola Company, Carlsberg, Borders and Swedish Match.

At Ergo we like to work on a collaborative creative hub basis, we call on the skills and talents of people as and when they're needed. To continue in this vain, we have an interesting proposition for a Creative Team /Duo who are looking for Studio Space. You would get a brilliant space, where you can continue to work independently on your own clients and projects, excellent facilities, and the opportunity to collaborate with us on bigger brands and creative projects.We live in a big, bright and airy studio on the banks of the canal in London's Notting Hill.

We're offering our Studio Space rent free (you will only pay for your expenses such as internet, stationary, admin, etc). In return, we get to be inspired by what you do, and vica versa.It's a win-win for all! You’ll get great space and we’ll get to meet new creative's. We're really interested in hearing from people (ideally a duo) with an interesting skill-set. We're looking for people with an understanding of branding, perhaps you've come from a branding or packaging background, and /or you’re a illustrator or a developer. The more eclectic mix of people the better.

Interested? What next… get in touch, tell us a bit about yourselves, why you're looking for space, and how you think we could work together.

Send your details through to potential@ergo-id.com – attention for Selina.

Ergo is on Wikipedia

We've finally made it to Wikipedia....  

Loving what you do.

At Ergo we regularly hold lively debates amongst ourselves and our friends and associates about the deeper implications of Branding Now.
One of our constant themes is the importance of “the love for what you do” driving us  in our business – a mature view of ‘amateur’ motives, (which being branding people we call ‘amaturity’...:)).

Another theme is dealing the flaws within the consumerist system, exacerbated by the excesses of marketing ‘more’., and the morality of marketing.

These two themes are touched on by the following piece, contributed by Ismail Guennouni, who has been working as a City Trader for the last seven years and is now taking a pause for reflection.

He is a Gen Y er. We think it is worth publishing in full...

"So, what do you do?

Usually asked quite early in a conversation, I used to hate that question. I always assumed it was a lazy way to label you and put you in a mental box. But then one can't deny that our work is of paramount importance, that there is nothing that consumes us physically and mentally more than how we busy ourselves in our daily jobs.

We spend most of our waking time working – often, more than all other conscious activities combined. So, you would think that in order to be satisfied with life, one ought to be satisfied at work. Yet most of us don't necessarily think that way. We treat work as a necessary evil to pay the bills and fulfill our needs –or greed. Some even sacrifice evenings and weekends in the hope of a "better future" (read bigger bank account). In fact, according to a recent survey by the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, 84% of Britons reported being happiest away from work !

Coca Cola Burn

We're pretty excited with this quote: "Burn, the most successful energy drink brand world over from The Coca Cola Company". 

Look here to see who created the brand identity Burn Case Study.

Do it for love


It’s a big workshop, the key contributors are artfully weaving their thoughts into the discussion… and a sense of déjà-vu creeps in. We’ve all been here before.

It’s a fact (ironically overlooked in innovation) that meetings and projects have pre-ordained waltzes. Instead of steps and turns, we deftly maneuver our comments in the familiar sequences. It’s instinctive behaviour that meets the pressures of team culture and if we’re honest, it’s an easy way to flex our own tried and tested strengths.

How to break through this? Simple. Encourage amateur thinking. Here we're specifically referring to the word's Latin origins ‘amator’ (see above). Nurturing great ideas all the way through organisations is tough so it’s best done when the original idea and goals are born out of real love. Creating forums for people to speak without premeditated baggage is a constant Ergo mantra and the best way to stop meetings being unproductive places to be.

We’re lucky enough to work in a field where passion should be part of the day-to-day role, time to engage it a lot more.

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