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Ubiquitous branding: good tips

Sitting on a Gatwick express this morning, I'm presented with a fully branded PG tips cup of tea. Recognising that the Gatwick Express is a somewhat tired brand, and realising the potential of a captive audience, the catering unit have cleverly done a deal with more credible beverage brands - Starbucks, PG tips - to make the mundane more pleasurable. It's still a teabag in a paper cup with boiling tapwater - but you drink the brand. And it made me recall that last night, downloading the brain by watching a TV comedy, PG tips slipped into the script: a Moslem cleric offered a CofE vicar a "nice cup of PG tips" to signal a small moment of bonding. Warmth generated.

Clever placement in both cases. As a consumer I joined the two dots : better than watching a paid ad pushing the predictable message.

A good tip from PG for other everyday brands: forget disruption, focus on blending into the fabric of consumer lives. And adding that appropriate bit of value.


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