March 2015

Soft & Gentle Skin Science

We recently helped Soft & Gentle create an identity for their new expert deodorant range, Skin Science.


The Soft & Gentle Skin Science range has just been launched to the trade, and we are very excited to see the range being rolled out. Having worked with us on the re-launch of Soft & Gentle, Godrej approached us to develop the Soft & Gentle brand beyond the current ‘fragrance choice’ remit. They needed a concept, brand and design system that could accommodate new products with distinct benefits.

We built a sub-brand system for Soft & Gentle. The ‘Skin Science’ range has a minimalist design on a silver pack, communicating a sophisticated, modern vibe and efficacious image, raising the profile of the brand without disrupting the original range architecture.

There are 3 variants in the new range, each with specialist functions, to meet different consumer needs.

Soft & Gentle Skin Science is now available from all major pharmacies